Nikon D850 Announcement

Did you catch the announcement of the new Nikon D850 DSLR this week? It promises to be a milestone camera body DSLR for Nikon… well timed for Nikon’s 100th anniversary this year.

Introducing the Nikon D850

Introducing the Nikon D850

What pique my interests are:

  • Nikon designed sensor, with 45.7 megapixels and increased ISO sensitivity up to 25,600
  • silent shutter modes – great for wedding photography and quiet venues
  • 153-point AF system used in D5
  • full-frame 4K UHD video
  • tilting screen with touch capability
  • 7 frames/second (up to 9 frames/second with battery grip)

And a lot more nice upgrades and features, but I find the bolded features (my emphasis) to be the most interesting in features driving the desire to take the upgrade leap. But honestly, the size and weight of the D850 camera body would too large and heavy for me. I really like the smaller and lighter form factor of my D600. Maybe Nikon would trickle down some of these features to the replacement body for D610 and/or D750, particularly the silent shutter modes and the full-frame 4K UHD video. Wishful thinking?

If you want to take the plunge, pre-order yours today from Amazon.comB&H Photo, or Adorama.

[(Ô] HtL.

Night Photography: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Travel photography, for all that entails, is my favorite type of photography. There is nothing that beats the excitement of seeing a new place, new people, new sites that re-ignites my inspiration for photography.

Travel photography for Paris, known as the city of lights, would not be complete with some night shots. During our vacation to Paris in May 2014, I ventured out to take this night shot of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A 5-second exposure without using a tripod!

Traveling without a tripod, I managed to take a 5-second long exposure. Read on to see how I managed to steady the camera and set my exposure to achieve the starbursts light effect without a starburst filter.

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How to Take Pictures of Fireworks

Fireworks. The word conjures of memories of 4th of July’s, New Year celebrations, visits to Disney theme parks, and other very special occasions.

4th of July fireworks

Opening salvos. Nikon D600 with Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S lens @ 10 seconds, f/13, 28mm focal length, iso 100, and tripod.

So how do you take pictures of fireworks? It is not that hard really. Fireworks photography is one of those photographic techniques that is rather prescriptive. This article is a “how to” for digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

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